Oct 12, 2018

Breach is headed to TwitchCon!

Breach Community, Streams

We’ve booked a trip to San Jose, CA, and you’re all invited to join us! On October 26th - 28th, QC Games and Breach will be setting up shop on the floor of TwitchCon, amidst the sea of purple, Kappas, and FrankerZ’s (We’ll miss you buddy). Let’s talk about our plans for the show, and why you’ll want to stop by the Breach booth on the floor.

First up, the most obvious reason for our attendance (since we’re at an event called TWITCHCON) is that we’re there for everything Twitch. We know, CRAZY IDEA. Whether you stream, watch, or just like using random emojis in our Discord, we’ve got you covered. We’re bringing out members of the dev team to Booth #1447 (map coming soon) along with a couple of couches, some kiosks to play Breach, and a few surprises, like this CUSTOM ORIGIN PC that you could win...

Speaking of surprises, we’re going to have a fantastic one debuting in our booth, in the form of a giveaway. There’s an image of it above, isn’t it amazing? For the folks not attending, you’ll be able to enter as well. Details on that soon™, but let’s talk more about Breach.

In addition to going hands-on with Breach, we’re also there to talk directly to content creators. We’re ramping up the early stages of our Breach Partner Program, for which we still need a MUCH better name. Feel free to suggest on in our Discord. We want to talk to creators about how we can help build YOUR community through Breach, and how you can maybe even earn a spot inside of the game (via more than just making your personalized in-game avatar). 

NDA’d secrets? We’ve got them. Feel free to DM us on Twitter and let us know if you want to set up an appointment.

If you’re not a content creator and are coming to visit us in San Jose, we may also have a few things for you too, but they’re still going through an approval process. We’ll update this post with new information once we get the purple light to make it happen. Also, if you’re not going to TwitchCon, we may still make them available via various ways, once approved. Don’t forget to follow our official Twitch channel, as streams from the office are planned to begin soon.

As a final note, we want to give huge Thank You to some amazing friends from Origin PC, as we’ll have a handful of their CRONOS machines to play Breach on the show floor, all connected via Razer peripherals, and some slick PIXIO monitors. It’s going to look AMAZING all together in the booth, and we can’t wait for you to try it out hands-on. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you at TwitchCon to discuss Breach, all while continuing to move forward with our Alpha testing process, with the first tests occurring this weekend!

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