Nov 1, 2018

Pre Orders & Next Alpha Test

Alpha Testing, Breach Community, Early Access, Streams

Instead of us writing a few paragraphs, let’s focus on the best parts of our next Technical Alpha testing period:

Let’s also cover the specific test dates / times for the next three days:

  • Friday, Nov. 2nd @ 3–7 PM Central Time (1–5 PM Pacific)
  • Saturday, Nov. 3rd @ 6–10 PM Central Time (4–8 PM Pacific)
  • Sunday, Nov. 4th @ 3–7 PM Central Time (1–5 PM Pacific)

As with all previous tests, we'll also be sending out a handful more invites to those that have already signed up for Alpha Testing via this website. Also, just to make it clear, purchasing a Founders Pack does not guarantee you access to the Alpha. We're excited to get even more players into Breach starting tomorrow as we continue our Technical Alpha testing.

For all of you streaming, you may just see some friendly QC faces (or the official PlayBreach account) jump into your stream over the next few days, so keep an eye out. Don't worry, we won't judge your skill level too much at this point, but just a little. We've also added some new channels to our official Discord server, so feel free to play along with other members of our growing community that have access along with you.

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