Nov 9, 2018

Patch Notes: November 9th, 2018

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived, the first official set of Breach Patch Notes!

Thank you all for participating in the Technical Alpha tests so far. Your feedback on the forums, discussions on Discord, and data we’ve collected from the tests have been a tremendous help towards our continued development of Breach. Together we are defining a new hybrid genre of gameplay, and we are so grateful to have you as part of this growing community.

For this week, we’re rolling out a new build of Breach, which should be quite evident from our awesome new loading screens. In this build you’ll see some changes that are aimed at both smoothing out the experience for new players, while keeping it challenging for seasoned players. Among them is a slight change in how the revive mechanic works, where Heroes will now automatically consume a health potion (if they have one) after being revived.

We’ve also started making balance adjustments to some spells, equipment, gems (now with differentiating icons) and NPC stats in this build, with more on the way as we continue our path through Technical Alpha. You’ll see additional changes as we roll out some more balance adjustments over the next couple of weeks, but a few weeks from now we’ll be introducing a suite of new equipment and Veil Demon spell synergies that reward difficult to pull off combos with bonus damage output. One other very noticeable change is that during the Class Selection phase, the Veil Demon will now choose their core class after they choose their first Elite and two heroes have been chosen.

Finally, this build has a bunch of bug fixes, due in large part to all of you reporting your crashes (THANK YOU!) and sending us detailed reports about issues you've run across when in and out of a match.

Here's more specific details for those that like bullet points:

  • New loading screens
  • Added more emotes
  • Added more sprays
  • Added new outfits and outfit variations
  • Updates to Gems
  • Balance pass
  • New icons
  • When a downed player is revived, one of their remaining health potions will be used.
  • Arcane Mender's Ultimate no longer revives downed players.

Boss Fight Updates

  • Updated combat balance for Leishi fight
  • Fixed issues with Leishi walls not displaying correctly
  • Updated UI for Oni Maelstrom ability (The red circle appears later)

Also, here's a list of known issues currently:

  • Chronoseer can't use spells
  • The tooltip for Greater Heal doesn't mention that you can heal yourself, but you can by using Alt. (Greater Heal no longer revives)
  • Invisible to Veil Demon talent incorrect says that you can see invisible characters if you're a Veil Demon and you possess a creature
  • We've made an adjustment to the Level 4 Hero Talent that allows a Mage to be invisible to the Veil Demon while they are not possessing a creature. When working properly, every 8s the Mage will go invisible as long as they are not using basic attack or spells, but can still be seen by a VD if the VD has possessed a creature.  Using either of those while invisible will remove the effect. However, there is a current bug where a VD can't actually see the Mage when they have possessed a creature. This will be corrected in a future build, apologies to all the VD's in advance for your sudden blindness.
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