Nov 15, 2018

Patch Notes: November 16th, 2018 Alpha Test

Alpha Testing, Patch Notes

Soulfiend. The name alone brings nightmares to mind, which is what some of our favorite Veil Demons will be attempting to create this weekend as we officially welcome Soulfiend to the VD roster. If you're ready to possess and empower your minions with the souls you've collected from across the realms, then it's your turn to shine.

Infuse your soul with that of any minion to possess and empower them unlike any other Veil Demon class. The longer you control them, the more powerful they become. Want to summon a Grael Heart to make one of your allies immune to damage? Want to possess an ally and give it instant stealth? All of those questions are now answers with the Soulfiend, who comes with a host of new spells to really take control and empower your army of demons.

With that out of the way, let's talk about the next Technical Alpha test session, which includes our longest test yet - 8 straight hours! We're going to test only on Friday and Saturday this week, and we've heard the requests from our West Coast testers who have been asking us to go later into the evening. As a general reminder, we have not yet started to invite our friends from outside of North America at this time. Once we feel like our North American servers are in a good place, we'll place some in other regions and extend our hours more in those tests, as well as invite in those who have been eagerly waiting since our reveal at Gamescom. For full timing, see below:

  • Friday Nov. 16th: 3PM - 7PM Central (1 - 5 PM Pacific)
  • Saturday Nov 17th: 3PM - 11PM Central (1 - 9 PM Pacific)

We're excited to see the various cheers and jeers that will undoubtedly occur with the addition of the Soulfiend to Breach, and please be sure to provide us your feedback either in the forums or on our Discord channel.

Updates & Fixes:

  • Added Soulfiend Veil Demon Class.
  • Temporarily replacing some of the stronger enemy NPC's within Kiev while we correct some issues with the default enemy NPC's.
  • Corrected an issue with the Arcane Mender tutorial where it asked you to revive with an Ultimate. As the Ultimate no longer revives, this was removed.
  • Fixed the tooltip for Arcane Mender's "Greater Heal" spell.
  • Fixed an issue where during the Leshei fight, if a player Veil Demon disconnects while possessing Leshei, upon reconnecting the player may have been underneath the floor unable to move.
  • Fixed an issue in Tokyo Sector 4 where players could potentially get stuck inside the stairs.

Known Issues:

  • If the Necromancer tries to summon Minions on the ground floor of the Ra boss fight, they will not spawn. However, if you utilize any raised platform in the boss room, they will spawn.
  • We've observed a small chance where if a Veil Demon disconnects mid-match, they could clip through walls.
  • Invert Mouse / Invert Controller selection may not work.
  • Controller support is available, but the "F" command may still be shown for "Interact" - Please use "D-Pad Right" if you see "F".
  • There is no scrollbar in the Social Menu ("O").
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