Nov 29, 2018

Patch Notes: November 30th, 2018 Alpha Test

Alpha Testing, Patch Notes

It's been a few months since we began the Technical Alpha for Breach, but this next test marks a new chapter. Not only did we just announce that Breach will officially hit Steam Early Access in January 2019, but the time has arrived to hold our official first 24+ hour long test. We've heard all of you across Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and more, and we know how much you all want longer sessions so you can play with your friends, your communities, and of course, random internet strangers.

  • Servers Open: Friday Nov. 30th: 12 PM Central (10 AM Pacific)
  • Servers Close: Sunday Dec. 2nd: 11 PM Central (9 PM Pacific)

After doing some quick math, this comes out to a 59-straight hour test. Please remember to drink water and sleep.

Alongside the increased hours, we're also increasing our total number of Alpha Testers by sending out a bunch more invites to those that have signed up for an account. However, it should be noted that as we've mostly invited North American players only so far (we're planning to start testing outside NA in the near future), we fully expect queue times to increase during off-peak-hours, but it's time to really see how our servers do with a rolling population. BUT WAIT, we have something else new to add that may cause increased playtime...


Starting Friday, all Alpha Testers will be able to leap into the future or slow time to evade your enemies and protect your allies. Even stop time altogether to rearrange the field of battle to your advantage. We're also giving everyone 1,500 Sparks to ensure you can add this new class to your growing list of choices, or you could always go back to last test and grab Soulfiend. As with all previous testing, if you see a bug or have some feedback, please let us know on Discord, our forums, or even the Steam forums. We look everywhere, and respond where we can, and we appreciate every single person that has been a part of the Technical Alpha so far.

With that, onto the bullet points!

Updates & Fixes:

  • Added Chronomancer Class
  • Provided all existing players with an additional 1,500 Sparks
  • Fixed the issue where a Necromancer couldn't spawn a minion on the floor-level of the Ra boss fight.
  • The Red Damage Resistance Per Level Gem has been corrected by moving the decimal point to the correct spot. Instead of 7.5% damage resistance per level, it is now 0.75% per level.
  • Fixed an issue where Chronoseer minions wouldn't attack.

Known Issues:

  • If a player leaves their Breach client running and goes AFK for too long, it could prevent them from logging back in if they get disconnected. We recommend logging out whenever you plan to go AFK until this can be corrected.
  • A Dark Mage Bot may appear in the Safehouse. Feel free to take a screenshot with him while it lasts.
  • Invert Mouse / Invert Controller selection may not work.
  • Controller support is available, but the "F" command may still be shown for "Interact" - Please use "D-Pad Right" if you see "F".
  • There is no scrollbar in the Social Menu ("O").
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