Dec 11, 2018

Turning the world to "ON"

Alpha Testing, Breach Community, Early Access

Today, let’s talk about servers, and how we’re planning to expand Breach. For those of you that have been playing along with us so far, our servers have only been located in North America while we continued to adjust our backend, scaling, and other networking things that use acronyms like AWS, HDTV, and SNAFU. Super technical.

Ever since we first revealed Breach back at Gamescom in Germany, we’ve had a lot of players across EU and other regions holding onto those Priority Access keys, waiting for their chance to play. We’re about to switch things on for a new region, and hopefully send out a bunch more invites than ever before. This brings up a handful of questions, so let’s run through what we’ve already received from our community as we built to this point.

Above all, please remember that this rollout is in a Technical Alpha state, meaning that it could go up and smoke, we then fix it, and we try again. We’ve greatly appreciated everyone’s patience so far, and looking forward to starting Steam Early Access in January. Also, if you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to message us on Discord, Twitter, or other platforms.

  • Q1: Will there be more regions becoming active in the future?

A1: That is the hope, and we’ll announce any additional regions as they come online.

  • Q2: Can I choose what region I want to play on?

A2: At this time, we’ll choose your region automatically based on your lowest latency to all available regions. However, because our service is global, this will not prevent you from chatting with, grouping with, or playing with people who are in other regions.

  • Q3: Can I play a Versus match against players in another region?

A3: Matchmaking will occur between a set of regions with a certain latency tolerance to ensure fair play.

  • Q4: Can I party up with friends in another region? 

A4: Yes. It should be noted that your party leader’s latency will be one of the core components when entering matchmaking.

  • Q5: Will my progress / stats carry across different regions?

A5: All accounts in Breach are global, meaning you will always log into the same account, whether in NA, EU, or another supported region. You will always play as the same account / character.

  • Q6: If I’m having latency-related issues, how can I contact QC Games?

A6: Please file a Support Ticket and provide us with your general location (we don’t need your exact address), ISP, and details about the issue you’re having.

Thank you all, and stay tuned for details on the next Technical Alpha test coming soon.
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