Dec 13, 2018

Patch Notes: December 14th, 2018 Alpha Test

Alpha Testing, Patch Notes

[UPDATE 2 - Dec 14th] We are finishing up correcting the issue, and plan to open servers at Noon on December 15th. Emails with new keys are going out shortly.


[UPDATE - Dec 14th] Unfortunately, we've had to delay the opening of our Alpha test this weekend due to an issue found via internal testing. Once we have an official launch time, we'll let everyone know. Thanks for being patient, and being a part of our Alpha testing.


Everyone have a good week off? For all of us here at QC Games, we needed a bit more time to get this next build ready for Technical Alpha testing, and it'll come with quite a few additions, updates, bug fixes, and adjustments. Let's hit the main points at the top, then move onto the more specific bullet points that everyone loves to read down at the bottom.

EU Server Expansion - It's finally happening! Since first revealing Breach at Gamescom in Germany, our EU servers have launched. You can read full details about it in a separate post we wrote right here, and we'll be inviting in all those Gamescom Priority List code holders. Thank you for being patient, and please remember this is the first roll out, so there may be latency and connection issues, but we'll be watching.

Breach Launcher - While this may not seem like a big thing on the surface other than some art, this allows us to connect with all of you a bit more outside of just this website, and it opens up the door for code redemption moving forward. Yes, we have plans for that other than Alpha keys.