Dec 20, 2018

Patch Notes: December 21st, 2018 Alpha Test

Alpha Testing, Breach Community, Early Access, Patch Notes

Tis 5 days before xmas, and all through the house,

The QC Games Team prepped Breach to be roused.

With invites galore, and Alpha testers at the door,

The servers were lit and ready for smores!

If you didn't get the deep symbolism that has been laid out before you in the groundbreaking poem above, we're inviting in pretty much every person that has signed up to play Breach up to this point. Happened to be SUPER unlucky and didn't get your name off the wait list until now? Well, your time has finally arrived. The reason we're doing this is because it's time to break stuff. On Friday, December 21st, we're going to run a short Technical Alpha test of just 3 hours. The reason for this is we want to get a concentrated amount of players all at once across all our regions so we can test our scaling for Early Access launch in January. 

"Only 3 hours? Come on!" - We can hear the internet screams through the monitor. But wait, there's good news. Starting today, and running through every Alpha Test before we turn on Early Access (yes, there will be more), if you participate, we'll reward you with this snazzy Alpha Tester exclusive outfit once we begin Early Access. There will likely be a spray along with this, but we're still finalizing what it looks like.