Jan 9, 2019

Breach Happenings at PAX South!

Breach Community

Headed to San Antonio, TX next weekend? So are a handful of our development team, since that city is only about a 90-minute drive from Austin, TX where QC Games is located. While we may not have a booth on the show floor (we’ll be a bit busy launching into Early Access), we wanted to break down a few fun opportunities we have scheduled for those that want to meet up, chat with members of the QC Games development team, and learn more about Breach.

  • Saturday, Jan 19th @ 11:30 AM Central

First up for the day, our Game Director Gabe Amatangelo, will be one of the members on a panel called “The Making of a Modern Online RPG”. 

“The term RPG has been applied fairly broadly in recent years, and has begun to drift into games across many genres. Listen to some experts in the field to hear what makes a great online RPG. What features and content are required? What are just nice-to-have? How do you make a game that strikes the right balance of RPG elements?” 

This will be held in the Cactus Theatre. You can find more information right here. We do not know if this will be streamed, and if it is, we’ll be sure to link it across our social channels and Discord.

  • Saturday, Jan 19th @ 2:30 PM Central

Looking to start a career in the gaming industry? Want to know some tips & tricks that could help you to score that first interview and get in the door? Our HR Manager Tricia Bruno, will be speaking on a panel called “Build Your Kingdom - Managing a Career in the Game Industry”.

“Getting a job in the game industry is just the first step on an interesting road.  The game business has many unique….features…for those working in it.  It’s vitally important to think about managing your career once you’ve gotten started.  Hear some of the myths, truths and war stories about moving up in the game industry from a diverse panel of game industry veterans, and find out the best ways to succeed in the games business!”

This will be in the same theatre as Gabe’s above, the Cactus Theatre. You can find more information here. Similar to the earlier panel, we do not know if this panel will be streamed.

  • Saturday Jan 19th @ 6 - 8 PM Central

With Day 2 of PAX South closing the doors at 6PM, we’d like for you to walk a few blocks and join members of the QC Games development team for some liquid libations and casual conversation. We’ve teamed up with the folks at Cafe Ole / Agave Bar, located at 521 Riverwalk, to have a small Breach mixer. Show up, grab a drink on us, and speak with a handful of devs that will be present. Feel free to tell them about the worst beating by a Veil Demon you had during the Alpha, and what class you think is totally underpowered and needs to be buffed.

Here's an RSVP so you can sign up!

Please note that you will need to enter at Cafe Ole on the Riverwalk to receive a drink ticket from a member of our Breach team, who will be wearing Breach shirts / hoodies. Once you’ve received a ticket, you can then use that ticket to order from the Agave Bar upstairs. This is a first-come, first-served event, and we’ll be ending the drink tickets at 8PM. Some devs may still hang around to chat, however.

See you soon, San Antonio! Oh, and don’t forget to pre-order you Founders Pack to enter Steam Early Access beginning on January 17th

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