Jan 24, 2019

Early Access Update: Jan 25, 2019

Breach Community, Early Access, Patch Notes

As listed in our update / patch notes for January 24th, we had mentioned that there would likely be another update on Friday, January 25th, to make an adjustment to Gold rewards in-game. We can now confirm that this will be coming in a patch on January 25th, and it will require a quick downtime in order for us to apply the patch. Here's a countdown timer.

  • Servers Locked: Friday, Jan 25th at 8 AM Central
  • Service Downtime: Approximately 1 hour

To reiterate, as this first week of Early Access comes to a close, we have been continuing to observe the overall economy and rewards structure, and how players are moving through our progression systems, along with how it feels to the community at large, both with boosts on and without. On Friday we will be increasing both the Co-op vs Player bonus from 100% to 150% and the Boost bonus from 100% to 150%.  Also, in the coming weeks we will be lowering the gold cost of some classes.  This change will coincide with the release of our first new class. 

This is the only aspect being updated in this patch, and we appreciate your understanding for this downtime, as we wanted to roll out this update quickly. There will certainly be more updates and fixes in future maintenance periods.  

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