Jan 30, 2019

Pyromancer + Jan 31, 2019 Maintenance

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It may be the middle of winter for most of us right now, but we've decided to finish out the month of January by raising the heat inside the Library of Alexandria and releasing our first new class of Early Access, the Pyromancer! 

As you may have already learned from some of our Partners earlier in the day, to celebrate this release with all of you, our Early Access players, we'll be enabling the promo code "FREEPYRO" to be used in the Breach launcher. This must be claimed by February 6th at 11:59 PM to get your very own FREE Pyromancer class (you get to keep this class, it's not like the free rotation classes).

This also goes for any new players that may have been waiting in the wings, so now is great opportunity to pick up that Starter Pack and join up for an extra class right from the start. Who wants to guess how many co-op games are going to start this week with 4 Pyromancers? Make sure to watch that video above to get a quick overview of what to expect from the newest member of the Arcane School of Magic.

Before we cover all the other updates / adjustments, here's the timing for the upcoming downtime, and a handy countdown clock for those of you in various timezones across the world. 

  • Servers Locked: Thursday, Jan 31st at 8 AM Central
  • Service Downtime: Approximately 1 hour

One key thing to note is that we're adjusting gold costs for a bunch of classes, which you can find further down. Also within this update, we're continuing to make adjustments to a handful of spells that had been a little overpowered for our taste, or just not working as intended. Now that we have thousands more players discovering different combinations, our team will continue to look at various aspects of balance to keep the game fair. Earlier in Alpha, we discussed our philosophy behind balance, and our goal is for there to always be a counter, even if something feels really overpowering. In some cases it turns out, there is no direct counter, and at that point adjustments will be made. You can see some of that below in our approach, and we're excited for all of you to join up after the server maintenance and see how these new adjustments feel. These adjustments will continue as we observe things that need to change.

Fixes / Additions / Updates:

  • Added Pyromancer Class - Use code "FREEPYRO" on the Breach launcher by 11:59 PM on Feb 6th to get your Pyromancer FREE!
  • Added Pyromancer Outfit, Headgear, Emote, and Spray.
  • Some cosmetic items have had their names slightly adjusted to better represent the look of the cosmetic.  
  • Elite skins now have "Elite Skin" in the name, as it was confusing to players to differentiate between the Elite, and just the skin.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Try Class" button that had been causing some player issues.
  • Fixed some known exploits with Chronomancer.
  • Fixed some known exploits that could cause a boss to disappear from play.
  • Additional fixes for some keybinds that would not remain after initial rebinding.

In addition to this, as mentioned on our previous livestream, we're adjusting the gold cost for a bunch of classes. Here's the full list: 

  • Exorcist from 15,000 gold to 9,000 gold
  • Bloodstalker from 5,500 gold to 4,000 gold
  • Dark Artificer from 5,500 gold to 4,000 gold
  • Elementalist from 5,500 gold to 4,000 gold
  • Occultist from 5,500 gold to 4,000 gold
  • Reaper from 5,500 gold to 4,000 gold
  • Sniper from 5,500 gold to 4,000 gold
  • Taskmaster from 5,500 gold to 4,000 gold
  • Vanguard from 5,500 gold to 4,000 gold
  • Auros Gladiator from 10,000 gold to 9,000 gold
  • Chronomancer from 10,000 gold to 9,000 gold
  • Engineer from 10,000 gold to 9,000 gold
  • Lich from 10,000 gold to 9,000 gold
  • Nighthawk from 10,000 gold to 9,000 gold
  • Soulfiend from 12,000 gold to 9,000 gold
  • Veilshifter from 10,000 gold to 9,000 gold
  • Arcane Mender cost remains at 2,000 gold
  • Demon Hunter cost remains at 2,000 gold
  • Gunslinger cost remains at 2,000 gold
  • Mana Warrior cost remains at 2,000 gold
  • Necromancer cost remains at 2,000 gold
  • Shadowblade cost remains at 2,000 gold
  • Worldshaper cost remains at 2,000 gold

Known Issues:

  •  The free weekly class rotation has updated, and you can use the new classes, but the old classes are still marked as "free". Here is this week's new weekly rotation: Dark Artificer, Demon Hunter, Bloodstalker, and Vanguard.
  • Veil Demon rewards for quick wins are currently not awarding an appropriate amount of Gold and XP
  • Frenzied Shambler is not affected by some Red and Blue gems.
  • Attack clip 50% increase talent does not work on hedge classes.
  • Demon Hunter Ultimate, Siphoning Skull, stun effect sometimes does not persist for the entire duration.
  • The overhead vfx indicator showing when a player is the target of the Satyr Lich's Deathtouch sometimes does not appear, resulting in sudden spike damage without warning.
  • You currently cannot purchase 2 of the same type of gem.
  • Some Prismatic gems balance values are in progress.  
  • Kikimora Fiend's abilities balance values are in progress.  
  • Pain Conduit and Translocate's skilled play bonuses health threshold requirement is lower than intended.
  • Players may get caught in a longer load screen than expected when starting a match, and can hear a match starting in the background. This cannot be fixed by reconnecting, but the player will eventually connect within a few minutes.
  • The Veil Demon model can sometimes appear to throw itself out of the world upon possession. 
  • The Veil Demon can sometimes lose all collision after reconnecting to a game.
  • Some abilities are not tracking their score correctly on the in mission stat board, resulting in displaying lower than actual stat numbers.
  • Equipping Rapid Fire Clip on another class or slots prevents it from recharging.
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