Feb 4, 2019

Breach Invitational Update

If you missed the news, we’ve been planning to hold a Breach Invitational, wherein we invited 8 captains to create teams of five from our growing community and have a friendly competition for part of a $10,000+ prize pool.

We were originally planning to kick it off this weekend, but we’ve decided to delay it until after the next build.  In the next build we have several fixes we’d like to be present during the invitational, including:

  • More video settings, to help improve the overall performance for players and streaming the Invitational matches.
  • Fixes for several bugs that could disrupt a match.
  • General iteration on some abilities and talents.

Thank you all, and we’re looking forward to kicking this off in the near future. All captains have been informed, and we'll announce them and the official teams once we can reveal the new date.

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