Feb 26, 2019

Friend Keys + Early Access Maintenance - Feb 27th

Breach Community, Early Access, Patch Notes

Earlier today, for all current players on Steam or the En Masse Launcher, we gave every one of you 4 additional keys for Breach on your specific platform to hand out to friends! If you're on Steam, just check your Inventory (you may have to log out and log back in), and for En Masse, you should've received an email. Hand those out to whomever you want to play Breach with, and get them started on the tutorials while providing some helpful tips along the way.

In addition, while we may have just had our weekly downtime and update yesterday, we're going to run another quick maintenance on the morning of February 27th in order to correct a small issue we found with QC Points. We have a few cases where some individuals that purchased our largest QC Points Pack were receiving 500 points less than what they should've been. Due to this, we're correcting the issue with this maintenance so it won't occur again, while making good for those individuals. Anyone directly impacted by this will receive an automatic 500 QC Point addition to their account once maintenance is complete.

There are no other direct changes during this maintenance. Here's a countdown timer for those in other time zones.

  • Servers Locked: Tuesday, February 27th at 8 AM Central
  • Service Downtime: Approximately 1 hour

As always, please remember to exit out of the game and launcher fully during this downtime. Sitting inside the game and waiting for the light to switch from red to green can potentially cause an issue, requiring a game restart anyway.

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