Mar 14, 2019

Breach comes to SXSW + Create an Emote!

Breach Community, Video

Beginning on March 15th, we're going to bring Breach down to the SXSW Gaming expo, specifically inside of the Alienware Outpost. Throughout the 3-day event, members of QC Games can be found not only giving 1 on 1 demos of Breach to anyone that wants to come out and play, but we've also setup something fun that anyone with a wristband can participate in, a chance to create a custom emote in Breach. If you've got a sweet dance move, or a unique wave, or some sort of weird Turtle Shuffle, we want to see your talent on display, and it just may turn into something amazing in-game!

The process is pretty simple:

  1. Grab a SXSW gaming wristband >> CLICK HERE
  2. Show up to the Alienware Outpost >> CLICK HERE
  3. Come to the Breach station inside (it'll be super obvious)
  4. Sign a quick waiver (we need your permission to film you)
  5. Record a 5-second emote. It can be a dance move, a wave, or whatever you want in those 5 seconds.
  6. Feel free to share your clip to social media
  7. Ta-Dah!

We'll then take ALL of the emotes recorded over the three days, sit down in a room with our animation team, and pick at least one favorite to go into the game for all. If you win, we'll even give you the opportunity to name the emote before it lands in Breach. Who knows, we may even choose more than one if we see some extra special moves that we feel just have to be added. 

So come on by the Alienware Outpost between March 15th-17th, go hands-on with Breach, and maybe get your own creation in-game!

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