Feb 18, 2019

Patch 0.1: Valley of Kings, Queue Options, New Class & MORE!

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Our first major monthly update since Early Access began is nearly here! As we've discussed in previous blog posts, our goal is one major update a month, combined with a weekly update / bug fix moving forward. Some of those weekly updates will contain (and have contained) large new features, such as Pyromancer a few weeks back, so not all updates are created equal. This Tuesday however, the bullet points are going to be MASSIVE to cover all the major updates and adjustments coming to Breach, including a bunch of community-requested features including the long-awaited specific queues for Heroes and Veil Demons. Did we mention we're also adding an optional Ranked System to go along with it to really show off your chops?

First and foremost though, make sure to read up about the final hours of our current Founders Packs right here. They will be replaced with a new Early Access Pass that comes with 2,000 QC Points and a 30-day boost, which all current and future players are welcome to pick up. 

Here's the timing for the upcoming downtime, and the usual countdown clock for all of you in various timezones across the world. 

  • Servers Locked: Tuesday, February 19th at 8 AM Central
  • Service Downtime: Approximately 1 hour

Now, the bullet points!


  • New Map - Valley of Kings

An icy Breach erupts at an ancient ruin in Egypt - frosty catacombs and dusty sands exist side by side as monsters cross the Veil. A mysterious opponent unleashes a strange ritual, but is he trying to destroy the Mana Anchor... or something worse? This new map is accessible in all game modes.  

  • New Boss - Sekhmet, the Goddess of War

The Egyptian goddess of war uses a combination of regal magic and feral rage to carve Academy mages apart. Beware the ritual of Sacrifice – batter down one of the two obelisks to free your captured teammate!

  • Medic Hero Class

Bolster your team with a new style of run and gun healing, part of the Tech school of magic.

  • Veil Demon and Hero Queue

You can now choose to queue to play as only a Veil Demon or Hero!

  • Ranking System (Beta)  

You can opt in to track your wins and losses while playing Co-op vs Player matches.  In this first pass your nameplate will change based on Ranks achieved, with more rewards yet to come!    

  • Added a new faction of monsters on the Tokyo map - The Onryo
  • Updated the video settings options with a bunch of new features and drop-downs
  • Update the UI to reflect non-default keys being bound to specific actions.
  • General graphical and performance improvements
  • Two Gems of the same type can now be purchased and utilized
  • Added and adjusted options for various keybinding, including mouse thumb buttons
  • Numerous bug fixes and iterations listed below

Bug Fixes and Iterations:

Mage Classes

The number of health potions a Hero Mage starts a mission with is now based on a passive attribute in their class' Signature spell.

The number of health potion crates that spawn during a mission is now based on the sum of Heal Potion Crate passive attribute on Hero team member's Ultimate spells. 

  • Pyromancer

Combust.  Fixed an issue where damage was incorrectly multiplying per character instead of applying the base damage to each character.

Firebolt.  Fixed an issue causing the burn from firebolt to sometimes not apply to targets hit.

  • Arcane Mender

Purification All Allies Talent.  No longer requires a target in order to use.  Once this talent has been taken, simply executing the ability will apply it to all allies.

Guardian Sprite All Allies Talent.  No longer requires a target in order to use.  Once this talent has been taken, simply executing the ability will apply it to all allies.

  • Elementalist

Glacial Armor.  Cooldown has been reduced from 15s to 10s.  Cooldown no longer resets on consumption.  Duration of the shield has increased from 5s to 10s.  Shield value has been decreased from 1000 to 600. 

Aqueous Globe.  Reduced the cast time from 2s to 1.5s.

Quake.  Reduced the cast time from 1.65s to 1.15s.  Slightly increased the impact dealt, and slightly lowered the total damage dealt.

Meteor.  Reduced the cast time from 2s to 1s.  No longer deals impact.  Increased the damage from 250 fire damage to 400 fire damage.  Now an enemy target area of effect instead of ground target area of effect.  

  • Mana Warrior

Mana Strike.  No longer provides damage reduction and CC immunity while executing.

Cleave.  Fixed an issue with how the damage bonus from both Taunt and Prismatic gem were factored.

  • Vanguard

Resolute Block.  Fixed an issue where damage taken while in Resolute Block was not granting Bastard Cleave stacks when Bastard Cleave was slotted.

Bastard Cleave.  Fixed an issue where you would not gain Bastard Cleave stacks if you were Guarded by an ally.

Guard.  Fixed an instance where applying Guard to another ally was keeping the icon above the previous ally.

  • Lich

Death Touch.  Fixed an issue where the Lich wouldn't teleport to a target on a ledge.

Overwhelming Power.  Fixed an issue where Overwhelming Power would consume a charge of Arcane Siphon.

Arcane Siphon.  Fixed several issues where the damage bonus was not applying properly.

  • Necromancer

Command Minion.  Shamblers damage will now apply to owner's score and killing blows will count toward objectives.  Will no longer consume a charge of Arcane Siphon.  

Sacrifice Minion.  Fixed an issue where Sacrifice Minion did not get the damage bonus from Arcane Siphon.

Frenzied Shambler.  Fixed an issue where Frenzied Shambler did not get the damage bonus from Arcane Siphon.

  • Reaper

Death's Beckon.  Fixed an issue where Death's Beckon did not get the damage bonus from Arcane Siphon.

  • Demon Hunter

Banishing Relic.  Fixed issues with the cooldown application.  The Veil Demon can no longer target a Banished creature.

  • Occultist

Projectile Ward.  Fixed an issue in which more than ranged damage was adjusted to zero.

Hellfire.  Fixed an issue that caused the VFXs to be misaligned when using Hellfire while moving.

  • Exorcist

Exorcism.  Fixed bug that caused the preview field for Exorcism to be misaligned.

  • Nighthawk

Mob of Ravens.  Various improvements to their AI.  They now properly factor into their owner's score and objectives.  Fixed an issue allowing the Permanent Mob of Ravens talent to appear on secondary equipment.  It will now correctly only ever appear on the Weapon equipment.

Talon Frenzy.  Fixed an issue where both the caster and target of Talon Frenzy would continually hang in the air if the target dodged out of Talon Frenzy.

Fleeting Talon.  Fixed an issue where re-applying Fleeting Talon to the same enemy would appear to remove the Root debuff from the target.

Bird of Prey.  Fixed an issue where launching Togors and other large enemies into the air was preventing the usage of Talon Frenzy or other melee range required abilities.

  • Shadowblade

Mass Ambush.  Using Mass Ambush on aerial launched targets now correctly keeps the primary target in the air.

  • Bloodstalker

Cursed Strike.  Fixed a bug where in certain instances the Cursed Strike mark would not properly apply.

  • Engineer

Kinetic Absorption Field / Charged Shot.  Fixed an issue with the VFXs being misaligned when using ability.  Fixed a bug that would cause Kinetic Charged Shot to have 0 charges and not switch back to Kinetic Absorption Field.

Turret.  Now despawns if the caster and the turret are not in the same room.

Veil Demon Classes:

Possession.  Fixed an issue causing Veil Demons to fly through the world sometimes when possessing.  

  • Soulfiend

Soul Infusion.  No longer grants immunity, haste, lifesteal, or grunt cooldown reduction.  Damage and healing buff now stacks to 100% (up from 15%), but at a slower rate.  Possessed creature will now receive double health.  Health increase is removed on depossess and cannot be applied again on same target for 30s.  Ability cooldown lowered from 20s to 10s, but begins on depossess.   

Burning Soul.  Fixed an issue in which the aura would scale with the model of the character.

  • Dark Artificer

Chronos Gem.  Increased base Health.  Now despawns if the target and Chronos Gem are no longer considered in the same room.

Watcher. Increased base Health.

  • Taskmaster

Pain Conduit.  Secondary aura effect will now trigger if target is below 20% health OR 100 health.  Buff duration is reduced on Boss mobs by 50%.

Translocate.  Secondary heal effect will now trigger if target is below 20% health OR 100 health.

  • Chaos Weaver

Sheaths of Sorrow.  Will now impale enemies after it has spawned if that enemy is considered falling from a ledge or jump. It will not impale those being pulled into it after nor will it impale those that walk in after it has spawned.  Fixed an issue where players that were dodging were adding to the tally of caught enemies.

  • Veil Shifter

Veil Sight Curse. Affected player can now be identified with a VFX.  

NPCs and AI

  • Elites will now gain significant threat against the closest enemy hero when the Veil Demon Spawns the Elite.
  • Elites will now properly teleport back to the map properly if knocked off a ledge.
  • Kikimora Hag.  Weave.  Fixed an issue where the target of Weave could dodge out of their CC earlier than desired.
  • Anubis.  Consume Ally.  Bonus damage now caps at 100% at 15 stacks.
  • Bastet.  Bounding Slash now applies 5 stacks of the standard Bleed debuff instead of a unique Gash debuff.  Prowl is now usable during dodging and Bounding Slash.
  • Togor.  Fossilize will now aim the direction the player is pressing on the cast, but can no longer be rotated after the cast.  Demolish damage reduced from 640 to 400 and from 1280 to 1200.   
  • Kikimora Fiend.  Rotten Egg now deals 475 damage and 320 heal (both up from 215).  Entangle cooldown reduced from 35s to 26s and has a short tell.
  • Novus Sentinel AI will now use Resolute Block, while reserving Bastard Cleave for use while possessed.
  • Various AI bug fixes.


Downtown Kiev

  • The static collision in the Leshi Boss Room should now be more accurate to the visuals, and its should be easier for players to move along the edges of the room.
  • Room 1 - Spawn portals in Room 1 have been moved slightly closer together to make the Defeat Enemies objective a bit easier to accomplish in disorganized groups.
  • Room 2 - Some of the Uplinks and Spawn Portals have been moved around in Room 2 to make the objective a bit easier for heroes to win.
  • The Leshi's walls will not longer hit players twice sometimes when they spawn.
  • Being knocked or pushed into a Leshi wall while in the air will now results in a 1 second impale, down from 4 seconds
  • Being hit by a wall when it erupts will now result in a 3 second impale, down from 4 seconds.
  • The warning indicator for Leshi Walls will now accurately show where the wall will spawn.

Library of Alexandria

  • Currently slotted Quick Emotes can now be chosen from the Quick Chat wheel in the Library.
  • Players should no longer spawn stuck inside the steps by the water.
  • Julia should no longer vanish briefly when she is waving back to players.
  • Julia's Drone has had its Dance Detection Radius calibrated to a smaller radius, so it should not longer start dancing when a hero is dancing anywhere in the Library.
  • The Emote Tutorial should now go away properly when a player walks away from Julia and her Drone.
  • The Magic Mirrors have been disabled for repairs due to a temporal paradox that is not covered under warranty.  We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Players will no longer be assigned the Quest 'Mirror,Mirror: Run Through a Magic Mirror in the Library".  The next quest in the chain will be assigned instead
  • Players on the Quest 'Mirror,Mirror: Run Through a Magic Mirror in the Library" can complete the quest by getting close to a Magic Mirror

Pyramid of Giza - Avatar of Ra 

  • Will now properly execute the Obelisk phase 3 times every fight, even when possessed.
  • Fixed an issue causing the invulnerability state to remain after the Obelisks have closed.
  • Solar Beam.  Fixed an issue that caused float text not to appear.

Tokyo Breach

The Onryo, a new enemy faction, replace the Satyr's in Tokyo.


  • Health increased to 70,000 from 55,400.
  • Onibi Orb Health reduced to 1,000 from 1,400.
  • Maelstrom will now properly pull Heroes that are in Stealth.


  • During a match, the first equipment drop will now always be for your current school of magic.  Any drops after that will continue to be from any school.
  • Improvements made for when a Hero is downed in a previous room to move them forward reliably
  • Veil Demons should no longer be able to place objects in locations inaccessible to heroes.
  • The flat XP/Gold bonus for winning in Co-op vs Player mode is no longer dependent on match duration - it will be the same regardless of the duration of match.
  • Fixed some bugs where enemies would not spawn quickly enough, or stop spawning too soon.
  • Objectives will now start more quickly when heroes enter a room, allowing players to properly get credit for early kills.
  • Bosses can no longer be made invisible by Veil Demon Spells and Talents.
  • Sprays will no longer block projectiles.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the "Dodge automatically reloads basic attack" talent to appear on equipment usable by schools of magic other than Hedge and Tech.  If you have existing equipment with that talent as any of the other schools of magic, that talent will be re-rolled upon logging in.  It will not affect other talents on that piece of equipment.
  • Aura spells are now called out in tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where allies killing your aerial target would keep you hanging in the air longer than desired.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing basic attacks to generate twice as much ultimate accrual as intended.
  • Reduced the range in which sprays can be used.
  • Fixed an issue where the Dark Lethal Conjuring Ruby, Dark Lethal Conjuring Sapphire, Empowering Dark Lethal Conjuring Ruby and Empowering Dark Lethal Conjuring Sapphire were not properly increasing Bonus Conjuring Damage.
  • Fixed issue where the Hedge mage reload would not add the correct amount of charges when the Increased Clip Size Talent was applied.
  • All Elite skins now display an icon respective of the skin's art.
  • Burn debuff icon is now visible for everyone at all times.
  • Center screen messages are now displayed with a drop shadow.
  • Melee NPCs that are rooted will now attack nearby targets if their primary target is out of range.
  • Various fixes and improvements have been made to the Veil Demon Tutorial.
  • Reinforcement waves during Boss fights will now wait until a Hero enters the room, instead of spawning indefinitely when the objective starts automatically before a Hero has arrived.
  • Updates and fixes to the Veil Demon Tutorial
  • Updated icons for the emotes via the interact menu

Known Issues:

  • The rewards for Veil Demon players winning a Co-op vs Player match early has improved with the win bonus applying regardless of duration, but we are still working on improving it beyond that.
  • Siphoning Skull's stun effect will sometimes end early.
  • Players may get caught in a longer load screen than expected when starting a match, and can hear a match starting in the background. This cannot be fixed by reconnecting, but the player will eventually connect within a few minutes
  • Some abilities are not tracking their score correctly on the in mission stat board, resulting in displaying lower than actual stat numbers
  • Guardian Sprite All Allies Talent will be rebalanced soon.
  • The audio tell when Sehkmet's mechanic begins is not always heard by all players.
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